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happy gentleman in wheelchair

In a word, Angels Care is about dedication. We constantly strive to achieve the highest standards so that the people we care for can feel confident and relaxed in familiar surroundings.  Our ethos is based around being . . .


Considering safety at all times and properly assessing risk factors, giving focus to human rights and ensuring discrimination is never an issue, properly managing accidents and incidents, monitoring to retain appropriate staffing levels


Our staff are trained to ensure they have the appropriate skill and knowledge, they are supervised and appraised such that their training is applied correctly, they will apply best practice and be mindful of customer needs such as eating, drinking and the design/adaptation of their premises


We will always deal with people in a way that puts their well-being first, observing their confidentiality, privacy and dignity; we maintain a positive approach to equality and diversity and promote independence


The person is always at the centre of our care, taking careful consideration of their activities, interests, education and work; we work to ensure no one experiences social isolation; we always take complaints seriously


Our management has a culture of openness, transparency and responsibility, demonstrating leadership in terms of quality, vision and values; we look to establish links with a customer's community; we recognise the benefits of audits and record keeping

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